Indian art is of great vital importance in accordance to its culture and heritage. Art is of various types and it changes its style of expression in the hands of different artists in relation to the changing time. Presently contemporary and abstract art is in high demand not only in India but abroad also. Modern form of painting is the result of the experimentation that the stalwarts of art had initiated. Abstract forms  give a liberating spree to the beholder’s soul and hook the mind to gauge the meaning. Here lies the enchantment for the mysterious and this gives zest to the devotees of painting. Artists trap the mystery loving quest in the audience and create exalted examples of art. Know with the help of the following sites about the modern arts of India and their pieces of vision.
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 Tajinder Pal Singh with his enriched vision, providing the platform to various artists and painters across India to show their work and talent with presentation of rich and cultural image of India through his efforts and selfless approach. In this website all the artists are welcome and can opt the opportunity to show their art and talented flair of imagination on canvas, and paintings.
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 The perfect site for you, if you want to enhance your knowledge on the Indian modern painters! Visit this site and you will surely feel the unparalleled qualities of this site. Not only you get the full listed names of modern Indian artists, this site will also provide you with a profile for each artist along with an online gallery for each artists.

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